A Letter to the DREAMERs


Many of you I’m sure have seen that the President is planning to act through executive order to legalize millions of undocumented currently living in the United States. We are closer than ever to the relief our community needs.
To date, Centro Sin Fronteras/Familia Latina Unida has helped 400 first time applicants and 200 renewal applicants apply/reapply for DACA- and we have a 100% success rate. If you are reading this e-mail you are one of these many who we helped get through the system.
We are so proud of this program because it runs with no funding and only volunteer support. It is truly amazing what we have all been able to achieve together.
In the last few months we have grown our program and our volunteer base – however, when a new application does arrive we will have Mdaca10ILLIONS of our families who need to go through a similar process as you did to get your deferments. So we need you more than ever!!
Currently we have DACA sessions at Lincoln Church Thursdays 7pm and Sundays 1pm and also now at Adalberto Church in Humboldt Park Wednesdays at 7pm. If you are interested in being a part of this great movement and victory for your parents and relatives, please contact Sarita at Sara9674@gmail.com or call/text me at 773-580-4000. I’m looking for DREAMERs who truly want to lead and build an army of volunteers who can safely register their parents,etc.
I will be contacting you in the next coming weeks and I am more than willing to host a meet and greet or a training for anyone who wants to start volunteering. Please find it in your heart to give back to a program that has given so much to you. And also give back to your parents who have sacrificed and given you even more. daca11
I am also on Facebook and you can find our pages there at:
Pueblo Sin Fronteras/Famila Latina Unida and We Are Not Dreaming Anymore
We also have a youth website that I think you’ll all enjoy:
Please let me know how you can get involved !
Sarita Caminadora




walking to bridge

October 21, 2014 Familia Latina Unida started on their journey home to Chicago with heavy hearts as they were forced to leave behind Juan Garcia, Rosa Ruiz Jimenez and Esther Escalante due to the lack of response from ICE on their requests for humanitarian parole.

The rescue mission began on Wednesday October 15 when the US citizen children and spouses traveled to Laredo, Texas and then Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to join with Juan, Rosa and Esther before they turned themselves over to border patrol. On Friday October 17, the team moved to the border and the three were leaving laredoapprehended, detained and eventually moved to ICE after being processed. Everything during the crossing went smoothly and then they waited.

Now it is Tuesday and ICE is still unresponsive to their cases. Attorney John Antia has been in constant contact with authorities and Familia Latina Unida has held several press conferences and maintained their faith and prayers. However, we leave Laredo wishing we can take these US citizen children’s parents home with us to Chicago where they belong and where they will be able to live in safety and dignity as a unified family.

The fight for these three individuals will continue and we have full faith that they will soon be reunited. But the wait and the anxiety produced from this indecision have anguished these children and filled them wijohn with media2th dread. Ideally, we would be able valeria with dad2to stay until there is a decision but the children need to return to school and the spouses need to return to work. There simply are no means to stay here indefinitely. We will not stop putting pressure on ICE for justice for these families. Until they are reunified, these chilldren and their families in Chicago will be tortured by this indecision.

Upon returning to Chicago, Familia Latina Unida will hold a press conference at the Tornado Bus Station at 3am Thursday morning. Later that evening, Familia Latina Unida will travel to Washington DC to meet with national leaders and hold a press conference in front of the Democratic National Committee Headquarters. As the cases of Juan, Esther and Rosa show, these injustices continue to plague the almost 3 million families who have been affected by deportation under the current administration. And since President Obama has delayed executive action in the form of DACA for all once again due to pressure from high ranking Democratic Congressmen and Senators, it will be the final ultimatum given by the Latino/immigrant community. If there is no generous and broad relief by November 27 (Thanksgiving) then we will draft Congressman Luis Gutierrez as an independent candidate for 2016. Our community cannot wait any longer.

Luis Gutierrez

November 27 Coalition – GUTIERREZ 2016

November 27th Coalition



The Coalition is formed to win the “generous” executive actions promised by President Obama in July – led by the extension of DACA to the parents of dreamers and U.S. citizen children but not limited to that action.

The Coalition seeks to mobilize massive marches over the November 27th Thanksgiving week-end.

The Coalition is committed to the organization of a campaign for an independent campaign for the Presidency and independent challenges to selected Democratic Senators and Members of Congress in 2016 if the executive order is not forthcoming by November 27th and is not adequate to alleviate the suffering of millions of Latinos and others similarly affected.



The Coalition is calling in the period between now and November 27th for the following:

  1. Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus should meet with Homeland Security officials in Washington DC to insure that policies of prosecutorial discretion currently in place are implemented fully and generously to slow the rate of deportations.
  2. Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus should join with community groups to meet with ICE officials in each region to insure the implementation of prosecutorial policies.
  3. Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus should join with Latino organizations to defend the right of refugee children from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to be reunited with their families, to receive adequate representation in court and should investigate agencies who receive Homeland Security funding to determine if they are exploiting these children.
  4. Further we call on organizations and political leaders to assist in the rescue of those in Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala who are living under threat of terror, kidnapping, rape and murder by organizations that have been financed by the drug trade in the United States, armed from U.S. guns company and have grown as well through policies of the U.S. in those countries which have destabilized those societies and economies.

While we are committed to mobilizing support for the President to complete his commitment in the face of political cowardice in his own party we also recognize the necessity to prepare for the implementation of the executive orders we are fighting for. A wide array of organizations and churches must be prepared to help people fill out applications and to avoid the exploitation of unscrupulous attorneys and criminal elements we observed in the implementation of the DACA initiative. We must insure that the network of prepared organizations goes beyond those organizations that have access to large funding but have less trusted access to the community.




  1. We look forward to the formation of a national coordinating committee from honest elements that respond to this call.
  2. We look forward to the formation of several component parts of the coalition which should each operate together to build the November 27th These include: Latino national and local organizations, African and Asian organizations, immigrant rights coalitions, youth organizations especially led by dreamers and U.S. citizens of undocumented children, faith leaders and organizations of faith leaders, ally organizations in the African American and progressive community.
  3. We look forward to a collective of Latino media leaders in both radio and Television and in social media who commit to the November 27th

Familia Latina Unida will take the responsibility to organize a meeting of organizations with a movement track record which sign on to the call to meet with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to reach agreement on our interim demands.

Protests And Prayers Erupt In AZ After Stringent Immigration Law Is Signed


We have negotiated in good faith – even as the broken law and the administration’s blind implementation of that law brought hundreds of thousands of tragedies to our families. It would be IRRESPONSIBLE to waste more time on a party which has enabled its own captivity to an intransigent, racist group which is out of step with the great majority of the American people.

We must turn our full attention and energies to building a moral mountain on which the President can stand this summer to provide for millions of hardworking families to live with security and dignity: DACA PARA TODOS and Emergency Parole for Deportees separated from their Citizen spouses and/or children.
Please see the following statement by Congressman Luis Gutierrez, made today on the floor of the House of Representatives