A Letter to the DREAMERs


Many of you I’m sure have seen that the President is planning to act through executive order to legalize millions of undocumented currently living in the United States. We are closer than ever to the relief our community needs.
To date, Centro Sin Fronteras/Familia Latina Unida has helped 400 first time applicants and 200 renewal applicants apply/reapply for DACA- and we have a 100% success rate. If you are reading this e-mail you are one of these many who we helped get through the system.
We are so proud of this program because it runs with no funding and only volunteer support. It is truly amazing what we have all been able to achieve together.
In the last few months we have grown our program and our volunteer base – however, when a new application does arrive we will have Mdaca10ILLIONS of our families who need to go through a similar process as you did to get your deferments. So we need you more than ever!!
Currently we have DACA sessions at Lincoln Church Thursdays 7pm and Sundays 1pm and also now at Adalberto Church in Humboldt Park Wednesdays at 7pm. If you are interested in being a part of this great movement and victory for your parents and relatives, please contact Sarita at Sara9674@gmail.com or call/text me at 773-580-4000. I’m looking for DREAMERs who truly want to lead and build an army of volunteers who can safely register their parents,etc.
I will be contacting you in the next coming weeks and I am more than willing to host a meet and greet or a training for anyone who wants to start volunteering. Please find it in your heart to give back to a program that has given so much to you. And also give back to your parents who have sacrificed and given you even more. daca11
I am also on Facebook and you can find our pages there at:
Pueblo Sin Fronteras/Famila Latina Unida and We Are Not Dreaming Anymore
We also have a youth website that I think you’ll all enjoy:
Please let me know how you can get involved !
Sarita Caminadora




We have negotiated in good faith – even as the broken law and the administration’s blind implementation of that law brought hundreds of thousands of tragedies to our families. It would be IRRESPONSIBLE to waste more time on a party which has enabled its own captivity to an intransigent, racist group which is out of step with the great majority of the American people.

We must turn our full attention and energies to building a moral mountain on which the President can stand this summer to provide for millions of hardworking families to live with security and dignity: DACA PARA TODOS and Emergency Parole for Deportees separated from their Citizen spouses and/or children.
Please see the following statement by Congressman Luis Gutierrez, made today on the floor of the House of Representatives