A Letter to the DREAMERs


Many of you I’m sure have seen that the President is planning to act through executive order to legalize millions of undocumented currently living in the United States. We are closer than ever to the relief our community needs.
To date, Centro Sin Fronteras/Familia Latina Unida has helped 400 first time applicants and 200 renewal applicants apply/reapply for DACA- and we have a 100% success rate. If you are reading this e-mail you are one of these many who we helped get through the system.
We are so proud of this program because it runs with no funding and only volunteer support. It is truly amazing what we have all been able to achieve together.
In the last few months we have grown our program and our volunteer base – however, when a new application does arrive we will have Mdaca10ILLIONS of our families who need to go through a similar process as you did to get your deferments. So we need you more than ever!!
Currently we have DACA sessions at Lincoln Church Thursdays 7pm and Sundays 1pm and also now at Adalberto Church in Humboldt Park Wednesdays at 7pm. If you are interested in being a part of this great movement and victory for your parents and relatives, please contact Sarita at Sara9674@gmail.com or call/text me at 773-580-4000. I’m looking for DREAMERs who truly want to lead and build an army of volunteers who can safely register their parents,etc.
I will be contacting you in the next coming weeks and I am more than willing to host a meet and greet or a training for anyone who wants to start volunteering. Please find it in your heart to give back to a program that has given so much to you. And also give back to your parents who have sacrificed and given you even more. daca11
I am also on Facebook and you can find our pages there at:
Pueblo Sin Fronteras/Famila Latina Unida and We Are Not Dreaming Anymore
We also have a youth website that I think you’ll all enjoy:
Please let me know how you can get involved !
Sarita Caminadora




walking to bridge

October 21, 2014 Familia Latina Unida started on their journey home to Chicago with heavy hearts as they were forced to leave behind Juan Garcia, Rosa Ruiz Jimenez and Esther Escalante due to the lack of response from ICE on their requests for humanitarian parole.

The rescue mission began on Wednesday October 15 when the US citizen children and spouses traveled to Laredo, Texas and then Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to join with Juan, Rosa and Esther before they turned themselves over to border patrol. On Friday October 17, the team moved to the border and the three were leaving laredoapprehended, detained and eventually moved to ICE after being processed. Everything during the crossing went smoothly and then they waited.

Now it is Tuesday and ICE is still unresponsive to their cases. Attorney John Antia has been in constant contact with authorities and Familia Latina Unida has held several press conferences and maintained their faith and prayers. However, we leave Laredo wishing we can take these US citizen children’s parents home with us to Chicago where they belong and where they will be able to live in safety and dignity as a unified family.

The fight for these three individuals will continue and we have full faith that they will soon be reunited. But the wait and the anxiety produced from this indecision have anguished these children and filled them wijohn with media2th dread. Ideally, we would be able valeria with dad2to stay until there is a decision but the children need to return to school and the spouses need to return to work. There simply are no means to stay here indefinitely. We will not stop putting pressure on ICE for justice for these families. Until they are reunified, these chilldren and their families in Chicago will be tortured by this indecision.

Upon returning to Chicago, Familia Latina Unida will hold a press conference at the Tornado Bus Station at 3am Thursday morning. Later that evening, Familia Latina Unida will travel to Washington DC to meet with national leaders and hold a press conference in front of the Democratic National Committee Headquarters. As the cases of Juan, Esther and Rosa show, these injustices continue to plague the almost 3 million families who have been affected by deportation under the current administration. And since President Obama has delayed executive action in the form of DACA for all once again due to pressure from high ranking Democratic Congressmen and Senators, it will be the final ultimatum given by the Latino/immigrant community. If there is no generous and broad relief by November 27 (Thanksgiving) then we will draft Congressman Luis Gutierrez as an independent candidate for 2016. Our community cannot wait any longer.

Luis Gutierrez

November 27 Coalition – GUTIERREZ 2016

November 27th Coalition



The Coalition is formed to win the “generous” executive actions promised by President Obama in July – led by the extension of DACA to the parents of dreamers and U.S. citizen children but not limited to that action.

The Coalition seeks to mobilize massive marches over the November 27th Thanksgiving week-end.

The Coalition is committed to the organization of a campaign for an independent campaign for the Presidency and independent challenges to selected Democratic Senators and Members of Congress in 2016 if the executive order is not forthcoming by November 27th and is not adequate to alleviate the suffering of millions of Latinos and others similarly affected.



The Coalition is calling in the period between now and November 27th for the following:

  1. Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus should meet with Homeland Security officials in Washington DC to insure that policies of prosecutorial discretion currently in place are implemented fully and generously to slow the rate of deportations.
  2. Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus should join with community groups to meet with ICE officials in each region to insure the implementation of prosecutorial policies.
  3. Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus should join with Latino organizations to defend the right of refugee children from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador to be reunited with their families, to receive adequate representation in court and should investigate agencies who receive Homeland Security funding to determine if they are exploiting these children.
  4. Further we call on organizations and political leaders to assist in the rescue of those in Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala who are living under threat of terror, kidnapping, rape and murder by organizations that have been financed by the drug trade in the United States, armed from U.S. guns company and have grown as well through policies of the U.S. in those countries which have destabilized those societies and economies.

While we are committed to mobilizing support for the President to complete his commitment in the face of political cowardice in his own party we also recognize the necessity to prepare for the implementation of the executive orders we are fighting for. A wide array of organizations and churches must be prepared to help people fill out applications and to avoid the exploitation of unscrupulous attorneys and criminal elements we observed in the implementation of the DACA initiative. We must insure that the network of prepared organizations goes beyond those organizations that have access to large funding but have less trusted access to the community.




  1. We look forward to the formation of a national coordinating committee from honest elements that respond to this call.
  2. We look forward to the formation of several component parts of the coalition which should each operate together to build the November 27th These include: Latino national and local organizations, African and Asian organizations, immigrant rights coalitions, youth organizations especially led by dreamers and U.S. citizens of undocumented children, faith leaders and organizations of faith leaders, ally organizations in the African American and progressive community.
  3. We look forward to a collective of Latino media leaders in both radio and Television and in social media who commit to the November 27th

Familia Latina Unida will take the responsibility to organize a meeting of organizations with a movement track record which sign on to the call to meet with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to reach agreement on our interim demands.

Protests And Prayers Erupt In AZ After Stringent Immigration Law Is Signed


We are glockboxratified that the President has now stated publicaly that he will keep his commitment to take executive action to fix at least temporarily this nation’s broken immigration system and to stop the unjust deportations that are each day separating families. We agree that the Congress is at fault for failing to act and that the President is fully justified in implementing what the great majority of people in this country support. We would like to make a few points about what this executive action can and should include:

1)   The President specifically cited the need to stop the exploitation of undocumented workers that give some companies an unfair advantage over companies that follow the law. This can only be accomplished if the DACA process is extended to the parents of dreamers and the parents of U.S. citizen children so that these workers can achieve work permits and become legal workers.saulito

2)   The need to clarify the situation at the border requires a clear way for families that have been separated by deportation to be reunited legally. The primary motivation for the surge of mothers and children at the border is family reunification. In addition to spreading the word in countries about who will not be admitted to this country a clear policy must be established to that those who have been deported, who have U.s. citizen family in the United States and no serious criminal convictions can return.

3)   We support as part of the promised reallocation of enforcement resources the immediate termination of the secure communities program.

In summary, we believe that executive action should extend DACA to the undocumented parents of dreamers and U.S. citizen children and that the established procedure of humanicrowdtarian parole in place should be broadly authorized to reunify families which have been separated by deportations.

Finally, we take seriously our responsibility to defend the President’s use of executive authority. We will begin this month a “Quincenera” voter registration drive in which families threatened with separation identify all the U.S. citizens in their extended families and work to insure that they become registered voters and vote in the next election. We will put special emphasis on those who will turn 18 before the next election. Further we will continue our efforts to assist all eligible people to apply for U.S. citizenship.


We have negotiated in good faith – even as the broken law and the administration’s blind implementation of that law brought hundreds of thousands of tragedies to our families. It would be IRRESPONSIBLE to waste more time on a party which has enabled its own captivity to an intransigent, racist group which is out of step with the great majority of the American people.

We must turn our full attention and energies to building a moral mountain on which the President can stand this summer to provide for millions of hardworking families to live with security and dignity: DACA PARA TODOS and Emergency Parole for Deportees separated from their Citizen spouses and/or children.
Please see the following statement by Congressman Luis Gutierrez, made today on the floor of the House of Representatives



Elvira Arellano, the internationally known human rights activist who has worked for the last six years with Central American migrants, issued a statement today on the so-called crisis of migrant children at the border. She was surrounded by a new mobilization of the extended families of those fighting deportations and those seeking to reunify their families after deportations. She made her statement in front of ICE headquarters in Chicago in the last and seventh week of “Promise Watch” demonstrations, designed to mark off the weeks in the President’s promise to take executive action if the Congress did not act on reform by July 4th.

moral monday elvira“The crisis at the border shows why the deportations must stop. It is the deportations that have caused this crisis, separating millions of families, leaving children in desperate situations. The primary motivation of the migration to the border is family reunification. To use the children as a reason to delay immigration reform, as some Republican members of Congress are doing, is both cruel and ridiculous since the lack of reform and the continuing deportations are the root cause of the crisis.”

 “I have worked for the last six years with Central American migrants, traveling on the trains with them, running from the gangsters – and the government – with them, searching for disappeared and kidnapped family members with them. They did not just wake up one morning and decide to come with their children thousands of miles to the U.S. They are part of families still living in the U.S. and they know that reunifying with these families is their best hope of survival. The millions of deportations have left families separated and strewn down across Mexico and Central America, struggling to survive the violence.

 “We must also begin now to establish the process for an orderly and safe reunification of families with U.S. citizen spouses and children who have been unjustly separated by a broken law: that is essential to any solution to the crisis.”

“We need also to stop the lies about “unaccompanied children.”. These children are in almost all cases accompanied by an adult, even a young adult, whose care they are in. As part of the process at the border, those children coming to the border must be treated humanely and they must not be separated and isolated from the adults whose care they are in.”

“Finally, much of the violence in all of these countries comes from a combination of the drug trade which prospers from the U.S. market, the deporting of gang members from the U.S. to Central America and the millions of dollars poured into Mexico for “security purposes”, turning Mexico and Central America into war zones. The response of the U.S. must be to support economic development and jobs in these countries not to further escalate the violence, not to fund the repression of families and children who are suffering because of U.S. policies.

“The Congress has proven that it will use any excuse to stop from acting on meaningful immigration reform. Last week it was “We don’t trust the President.” This week it is “the children on the border”. The Republican failure to act, however, does not excuse the Democrats who failed to act when they held super-majorities in the both the House and Senate. Nor does it excuse the policy of super enforcement which resulted in the deportations of two million people during Obama’s term in office – most of whom with no criminal record and with families still living in the United States.moral monday line up

“The time is up! President Obama MUST use his executive authority NOW to extend the deferments he gave the dreamers to their parents and the parents of U.S. citizen children and to provide an orderly, well defined process of emergency parole for those who have been unjustly deported and separated from U.S. citizen children or spouses.

“Until the President acts we must mobilize the entire Latino family of families. This is the fifteenth year in our struggle to fix the broken law. We need to make this summer a quincenera of struggle, mobilizing our extended families.”

Memorandum “On Right To Return Of Those Deported, Separated From Their U.S. Citizen Children And/Or Spouses”

Familia Latina Unida/Sin Fronteras

2009 W. 22nd Place, Chicago Illinois 60608

773-647-7282 http://www.familialatinaunida.com

Elvira Arellano, Emma Lozano co-presidentes

Memorándum “Sobre el derecho de regresar de los deportados y separados de sus hijos y/o conyugues que son ciudadanos estadounidenses”

La Familia Latina ha enfocado su atención en varios casos claves en los cuales una madre o un padre ha sido deportada/o y separada/o de sus hijos menores de edad o esposo/a que son ciudadanos estadounidenses. En estos casos, por medio de un esfuerzo concentrado de una coalición de fuerzas de la comunidad latina, han logrado que las autoridades proporcionen libertad condicional humanitaria de emergencia para regresar a este país para estar con sus familias, presentándose personalmente a las autoridades fronterizas y proveyendo a tales autoridades una documentación adecuada para cumplir con ciertas condiciones. Presentamos en este documento un sumario de las condiciones con las cuales han cumplido y la documentación que han presentado.

Tenemos varios motivos por hacer esto:

1) En bastantes casos individuos, incluyendo niños menores de edad, se han presentado en las fronteras, a veces instados por otras personas, sin preparación y orientación adecuadas. Esto ha perjudicado sus posibilidades de regresar en el futuro, ha causado que algunos intentos fracasen en una manera peligrosa, y ha causado daño irreparable a sus familias y sobretodo a los niños.

Nuestra meta es la de proveer para esta clase de personas un sendero claro a la re entrada y un grupo claro y definido de las condiciones y documentación con las cuales deben cumplir para lograr re entrar y reunificación con sus familias.

2) Esperamos que las coaliciones como la que logramos establecer en los casos designados, pueden establecerse en ambos lados de la frontera con el fin de ayudar a la reunificación de las familias por medio de libertad condicional humanitaria de emergencia.

3) Finalmente lo más importante es que queda claro, a base de nuestra experiencia, que el Presidente Obama y el jefe de Seguridad Interna Jeh Johnson DISPONEN DE PLENA AUTORIDAD de reunificar muchas familias que han separado durante los últimos años, durante los cuales 2 millones de personas han sido deportadas en una campaña de terror, un atropello inmoral en contra de familias y niños. INSTAMOS Y EXIGIMOS QUE LA ADMINISTRACIÓN EJERZA TAL AUTORIDAD ADMINISTRATIVA PARA PROVEER UN SENDERO CLARO A LA REUNIFICACIÓN DE EMERGENCIA PARA ESTAS FAMILIAS SUFRIDAS.

4) Finalmente exigimos que la administración extienda la libertad condicional que se logre por este proceso otorgándoles a estas personas la “libertado condicional en plazo” (parole in place) hasta el momento en que se logre una reforma legislativa adecuada, que corrija el daño ya hecho a nuestras familias y nuestros niños por el actual sistema quebrado de leyes migratorias. Es moralmente indefendible que este gobierno y nación toleren estas separaciones despiadadas. Es una imperativa moral que este gobierno provee UN SENDERO A LA REUNIFICACIÓN Y SEGURIDAD PARA NIÑOS QUE SON CIUDADANOS DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS. Los Estados Unidos a operado un sistema “de facto” de mano de obra indocumentado durante decenios, el cual benefició tremendamente a la economía de este país, bajo administraciones de ambos partidos, los demócratas tanto como los republicanos. Aquí se formaron familias nuevas y nacieron niños. Es una cosa inmoral y desmedida que esta nación simplemente destroce estas familias, que las deja como blancos de chantaje, secuestro y asesinato, lavando sus manos de su responsabilidad para ellas. Esto afecta no solamente a los que han sido tratados de esta manera, sino reta el alma de esta nación con su compromiso de tratar la familia como la institución más básica de la sociedad y el pozo del cual surgen la moralidad y la fe de esta nación.

Nos da placer informarle al público que en los casos en que hemos enfocado nuestra atención, las familias fueron unificadas. Ofrecemos estos casos como comprobantes de que un proceso de emergencia bien ordenado para el regreso de deportados con hijos que son ciudadanos estadounidenses puede establecerse siempre y cuando tales familias reciban orientación y ayuda en el proceso.

Las Condiciones que Deben Cumplirse para Lograr la Libertad Condicional Humanitaria (Humanitarian Parole) Cuando una Persona se Presenta a las Autoridades en la Frontera:

1. El individuo debe haber agotado todos los recursos legales de reunificación con sus familias. Esto es el caso cuando la persona se encuentra bajo una prohibición de 10 o 20 años de entrar a los Estados Unidos, haciendo imposibles las peticiones familiares.

2. La persona debe ser un padre, una madre, o cónyuge de un ciudadano de los Estados Unidos o un residente permanente legal.

3. La persona debe proveer documentación del hecho que los familiares en cuestión no pueden trasladarse a la patria de la persona deportada y vivir en condiciones de seguridad, y que al trasladarse al otro país, los niños ciudadanos pierden sus beneficios por razón de tal reubicación.

4. Debe proveer documentación que los familiares que permanecen en los Estados Unidos necesitan la ayuda del deportado/la deportada y de que el deportado / la deportada no puede prestar tal ayuda en sus actuales circunstancias.

5. Es indispensable proveer documentación de la ciudadanía estadounidense de los niños, por ejemplo por medio de actas de nacimiento.

6. También se requiere documentación que la persona que busca re entrar es de buen carácter y no ha sido encontrado culpable de un crimen serio.

7. Finalmente, debe proveerse documentación que la persona que va a regresar tiene garantía de un empleo legal en los Estados Unidos con salario adecuado para proveer la seguridad de su familia, o alternativamente, puede proveer cuidado para los niños mientras que el esposo/la esposa trabaja para proveer el apoyo.

Tres estudios de caso:

En todos estos casos, la violencia que rodea el individuo y/o su familia como resultado de su estatus como persona deportada y sus relaciones con familiares en los Estados Unidos constituyen un factor importante. Sencillamente es la situación real que personas deportadas, y sus familias, se convierten en blancos de organizaciones criminales por razón de la percepción de que los familiares en los Estados Unidos disponen del dinero para pagar rescates en el caso de plagios o atropellos, reales o amenazados. Esto también es una situación que los Estados Unidos ha creado y que debe aceptar su responsabilidad.

1. Elvira Arellano:

Este año Elvira se presentó en la frontera con su hijo Saúl, un ciudadano estadounidense. Estaba cargada con una prohibición de 20 años de no poder entrar en los Estados Unidos, y carecía de otro recurso. Su argumento fue que su seguridad personal y la de su hijo estaban bajo peligro de violencia que se dirigía a ellos dos por razón de sus nexos con personas en los Estados Unidos y por razón, también, de su posición destacada como defensora de derechos humanos de los migrantes, que ha retado la violencia de las organizaciones criminales y la colusión del gobierno mexicano con ellos. Argumentó que su hijo, un ciudadano estadounidense, no podía vivir en condiciones de seguridad en México y fue negado beneficios que le corresponden como ciudadano de este país por derecho. Elvira contaba con un apoyo amplio en la comunidad latina. A Elvira le otorgaron libertad provisional y ha podido regresar a los Estados Unidos con su hijo.

2. Presentación en la frontera en el día de las madres.

En el día de las madres este año, una madre se presentó en la frontera con sus hijos que son ciudadanos estadounidenses. A la madre le habían impuesto una deportación expedida cuando intentó entrar en los Estados Unidos antes. Casi inmediatamente después tuvo éxito en entrar. Conoció un ciudadano estadounidense y tuvieron 2 hijos, también ciudadanos estadounidenses. Cumpliendo con un consejo malo de parte de un abogado, ella y su esposo regresaron a México en un intento de archivar una petición para su regreso legal a los Estados Unidos. Le negaron su petición y además le impusieron una prohibición de 10 años de regresar a los Estados Unidos por razón de la primera deportación expedida. Su marido regresó a Chicago donde trabaja como profesor de educación bilingüe, para poder apoyar económicamente a su esposa e hijos en la ciudad de México.

Ella ha sido amenazada con demandas de extorción. Otras personas en la cuadra donde vive se han obligado a pagar pagos de extorción. Un hombre rehusó pagar, y lo mataron. Ella ha tenido que reubicarse y ha sido necesario no enviar los niños a la escuela. Varias veces el esposo ha tenido que ir a México para ayudar a las mudanzas de su familia.

Como parte de su presentación en la frontera en Laredo, la madre mostró comprobantes de la ciudadanía estadounidense de sus dos hijos y su marido. Presentó una denuncia formal de la violencia y las amenazas que tanto ella como sus hijos han tenido que soportar. Presentó comprobantes del empleo de su marido y su capacidad de apoyar económicamente a ella y a los hijos, explicando también que él no podría cuidar bien a los hijos mientras que trabajaba para ganar dinero. Presentó evidencia que jamás había sido declarada culpable de un crimen. Presentó cartas de apoyo de organizaciones latinas en los Estados Unidos, y cartas de México que explicaban la situación precaria de ella y de sus hijos ciudadanos estadounidenses;. Le concedieron libertad provisional humanitaria. Actualmente ella y sus hijos están seguros con su esposo y padre, un ciudadano estadounidense.

3. Presentación en la Frontera en el Día de los Padres.

En el día de los padres un padre mexicano se presentó en la frontera con su hija y su esposa, ambas ciudadanas estadounidenses. Presentó documentación de atropellos criminales en contra de su persona e inclusive del asesinato de un compañero de trabajo, que explicó porque era que su esposa e hija habían abandonado todo intento de vivir con él en México, y porque ellas regresaron a los Estados Unidos. Se presentaron también comprobantes de la ciudadanía de la esposa y la hija, en forma de actas de nacimiento, como parte del paquete de documentos. Presentó garantías de empleo en los Estados Unidos que le permitiría apoyar económicamente a su esposa y a la hija, y argumentó que por razón de la violencia documentada que se había dirigido en contra de él, no era posible para él seguir trabajando y apoyándolas económicamente en México. Presentó documentación que su esposa no podía trabajar y que su suegra que había sido el apoyo único de la familia ya no podía trabajar, y que era necesario que la esposa cuidara a la hija a causa del trauma causada cuando de facto deportaron a ella junta con su padre. Presentó evidencia que había agotado todos los remedios legales por razón de una prohibición de 10 años que le impusieron cuando un abogado le dio un consejo malo, y él y su esposo se presentaron para pedir una petición humanitaria para que él pudiera regresar.

Cuando este hombre se presentó abiertamente y sin esconder nada, a las autoridades en la frontera, lo llevaron preso, entregado a ICE y luego le otorgaron libertad condicional para re entrar en el país y reunificarse con su esposa y su hija. Este caso constituye un ejemplo del sistema trabajando para proteger a las familias y a los niños.

Circulación de Este Memorándum.

Tras ser revisada por nuestros abogados y otras organizaciones, vamos a presentar este memorándum a los funcionarios de ICE en Chicago; luego iremos a Washington para presentarlo a Jeh Johnson, el Jefe del Departamento federal de Seguridad Interna. También lo presentaremos a nuestros congresistas y senadores, y a organizaciones en todo el país.

Mantenemos nuestro compromiso con la aprobación de una legislación de reforma migratoria que incluya condiciones claras para el regreso de deportados y la reunificación de familias, además de proteger las familias que todavía se mantienen unidas en los Estados Unidos. Elogiamos a aquellos pocos congresistas que buscan la reforma en una manera seria. Sin embargo, creemos que familias y niños que se encuentran atrapadas/os en este sistema de mano de obra indocumentada y en el sistema roto de leyes migratorios, no deben pagar el precio de guerras políticas y parálisis político.

Por lo tanto exigimos que el Presidente Obama que cumpla con su promesa de utilizar su autoridad ejecutiva para dar alivio a nuestras familias si el Congreso no actúa para el 4 de julio a más tardar. Tenemos confianza que esto representa el sentimiento en el país en el contexto de la parálisis político en el Congreso y las practicas moralmente repugnantes de deportación masiva.

Vamos a seguir llevando a cabo nuestra “ Vigilia de la Promesa” y nuestros “lunes morales” hasta el 4 de julio para hacer claras nuestras demandas de “DACA Para Todos” y “libertad condicional de emergencia para los separados”. Si el presidente no actúa en cumplimiento de su promesa para el 4 de julio hacemos un llamamiento para que todas las personas de fe y consciencia se junten con nosotros para un verano de movilización y resistencia en contra de la maldad del atropello en contra de la familia latina.

Memorandum “On Right To Return Of Those Deported, Separated From Their U.S. Citizen Children And/Or Spouses”

Familia Latina Unida has focused on several key cases in which a father or mother has been deported and is separated from their U.S. citizen children and/or spouse. In these cases, through a concentrated effort of a coalition of forces from the Latino community, they have achieved emergency humanitarian parole back into the country, back with their families, by presenting themselves to border authorities and by providing documentation to meet certain conditions. We summarize here the conditions they met and the documentation they provided.

We do this for several reasons:

1)   Individuals, including minor children, presenting themselves at the border and requesting permission to reenter have often done so, and been encouraged to do so, without preparation or clear guidelines. This has resulted in harm to their future reentries, has resulted in dangerous failure and has often caused irreparable damage to their families and especially to their children. It is our intention to provide for them a clear path to reentry and a clear and defined set of conditions and documentation they must meet to achieve reentry and reunification with their families.

2)   It is our hope that coalitions, such as the one we established in the designated cases, can be established on both sides of the border to assist in the reunification of families through the vehicle of emergency parole.

3)   Finally, and most importantly, it is clear from our experience that the current administration, under President Barack Obama and Homeland Security Chief Johnson, DO NOW HAVE THE AUTHORITY to reunify many families which have been separated during these last years, during which two million people have been deported in a campaign of terror and immoral assault on families and children. WE ENCOURAGE AND DEMAND THAT THE ADMINISTRATION EXERCISE THIS EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY AND PROVIDE A CLEAR PATH TO EMERGENCY REUNIFICATION FOR THESE SUFFERING FAMILIES.

4)   Finally, we urge the administration to extend the parole status gained through this process indefinitely through the designation of “parole in place” or until such time as an adequate reform legislation is achieved, correcting the injustices already done to families and children by our broken immigration system. It is morally indefensible for this government and its people TO FAIL TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for these heartless and unjust separations of families, the great harm it has done to them, and it is a moral imperative for this government TO PROVIDE A PATH TO REUNIFICATION AND SECURITY FOR U.S. CITIZEN CHILDREN. The United States operated a de facto system of undocumented labor for decades to the nation’s economic benefit, under both Democratic and Republican administrations. Families were formed and children were born here. It is immoral and unconscionable for the nation to simply destroy these families, leave them targeted for extortion and murder and walk away from its responsibilities to them. This not only affects those who have been so mistreated but raises a challenge to the soul of the nation in its covenant to protect the family as the most basic institution of society and the well from which morality and faith in the nation are generated.

We are pleased to make public that in the case of the families on which we focused attention and resources, the families were reunited. We offer these cases as proof that an orderly, emergency process for the return of deportees with U.S. citizen children can be established if the affected families are informed and assisted in the process.

The Conditions That Must Be Met For Humanitarian Parole Upon Presentation At The Border:

1)   The individual must have exhausted all other legal means of reunification with their family. This occurs when the deported person has had a ten or twenty year ban on reentry placed on them, making family petitions impossible.

2)   The individual must be a father, mother or spouse of a U.S citizen or legal permanent resident.

3)   Documentation should be provided that the U.S. citizen family members cannot move to the country of the individual’s deportation and live securely and that the benefits guaranteed to U.S. citizen children are being lost by their relocation from the country.

4)   Documentation should be provided that the family members remaining in the U.S. require the assistance of the deportee and that such deportee is unable to provide for them in his or her current circumstance.

5)   Documentation of the U.S. citizen status of the children and/or spouse should be provided; e.g. birth certificates.

6)   Documentation that the person seeking admission through humanitarian parole is of good character and has no felony criminal convictions.

7)   Finally, documentation should be provided that the returning deportee has a guarantee of legal employment in the U.S. sufficient to provide for the security of his or her family or, alternatively, will provide appropriate care for the children while their spouse works to provide support.

3 Case studies:

In all of these cases, the violence that surrounds the individual and/or his or her family as a result of their deported status and their relationships to family members in the U.S. is an important factor. It is simply a reality the nation must face that individuals who are deported, and their families, are targeted by criminal organizations because of the perception that family members in the U.S. have the means to pay ransom in the face of threatened or actual kidnappings and assaults. This again is a situation which the U.S. has created and for which it must take responsibility.


  1. Elvira Arellanoelvira2

Elvira presented herselfat the border with her U.S. citizen son Saul earlier this year. She suffered under a 20 year ban from reentry into the country and had no other legal resourse. She argued that her safety and the safety of her son was in jeopardy because of violence and threats of violence aimed at them because of their connection with people in the U.S. and because of her position of leadership as a human rights activists on behalf of migrants, challenging the violence of criminal organizations and collusion by the Mexican government. She argued that her U.S. citizen son, unable to live securely in Mexico, was being denied the benefits due him as a U.S. citizen. She received support from a broad coalition of forces in the Latino community. Elvira was granted parole and reentered the United States with her son.


  1. Mother’s Day Presentation at the Border

On Mother’s day of this year, a mother presented herself at the border with her U.S. citizen children. The mother had been given an expedited deportation when she first tried to enter the country. She entered successfully almost immediately.  She met a U.S. citizen and gave birth to 2 U.S. citizen children. Under bad advice from an attorney, she and her husband returned to Mexico in an attempt to petition for her return legally. She was denied reentry and given a ten year bar because of the earlier expedited deportation.. Her husband returned to Chicago where he works as a bi-lingual teacher in order to support his wife and children in Mexico City.

She had been threatened and extortion demands have been made against her. Others on the block where she lives have had to pay extortion. One man refused – and was killed. She has had to relocate and her children have had to be kept out of school. The husband has had to return to Mexico to relocate them several times.

The Salmeron Family

The Salmeron Family

As part of her presentation at the border at Laredo the mother showed proof of citizenship of her husband and two U.S. citizen children. She presented a formal denunciation of the violence and threats with which she and her children had been living. She presented her husband’s employment and ability to provide for her and the children but explained that he could not care for the children adequately while he worked to provide for them. She provided evidence that she had no criminal convictions. She presented letters of support from Latino organizations in the U.S. and letters from Mexico explaining the precarious situation facing her and her U.S. citizen children. She was granted a humanitarian parole. She and her U.S. citizen children are safe and secure with their U.S. citizen husband and father.


  1. Father’s Day Presentation at the Border

photo credit to Eileen Meslar

On Father’s Day, a Mexican born father presented himself at the border with his U.S. citizen daughter and U.S. citizen wife. He presented documentation of criminal assaults on himself, including the murder of his co-worker, that explained why his wife and daughter had given up their attempt to live with him in Mexico and returned to the U.S. Evidence of the citizenship of his wife and daughter (birth certificates) were presented in his package of documentation. He presented guarantees of employment in the U.S. through which he could support his family and argued that because of the documented violence against him he was unable to work to provide for them in Mexico. He presented documentation that his wife was unable to work, that his mother-in-law who had been their sole support was no longer able to work and that the care for his daughter by his wife was necessary because of the trauma produced by the violence when she was de facto deported with him to Mexico. He presented evidence that he had exhausted his legal alternatives because of a ten year ban placed on him when, on bad advice from an attorney, he and his wife presented themselves of a waiver petition for his return.

Upon his presentation, openly without concealment, to border authorities, he was taken into custody, turned over to ICE and given parole to reenter the country and be reunified with his wife and daughter. This was an example of the system working to protect families and children.

Circulation of This Memorandum

After review by our attorneys and other organizations, we will present this memorandum to ICE officials in Chicago and will travel to Washington DC to present the memorandum to Homeland Security Chief Johnson. We will also present the memorandum to our Illinois U.S. Senators and Congressmen and will circulate it to organizations throughout the country.

We remain committed to the passing of reform legislation that would establish clear conditions for the return of deportees and the reunification of families as well as protect families still remaining together in the U.S. We commend the effort of those few members of Congress who are sincerely pursuing reform. We believe however that families and children which have been caught up in the system of undocumented labor and a broken immigration system should not continue to pay the price of political wars and political paralysis.

We therefore urge President Obama to keep his promise to use his executive authority to provide relief to our families if the Congress does not act by July 4th. We are confident that this reflects the majority sentiment in the country in the face of the political paralysis in the Congress and the moral repugnance and cruelty of family separation.

We will continue our “Promise Watch” on “Moral Mondays” until July 4th to make clear our demands for “DACA Para Todos” and “Emergency Parole for the Separated”. If the President does not act according to his promise by July 4th, we call on all people of faith and conscience to join with us in a summer of mobilization and resistance to the evil of the assault on the Latino family.

We Are Not Dreaming Anymore (Full Length Feature Film)




The dreamers have taken their place in the struggle for legalization of the undocumented. They are a unique part of the population caught in the turmoil created by the domination of the continent of the Americas through the global economy and the long history of the Monroe Doctrine, the century old doctrine that the U.S. could intervene in any country on the continent if it served the interest of the United States and its corporations.

Like all empires, the U.S. imported cheap labor from the nations it dominated. In the context of modern economics, there was no longer the need to capture workers and bring them here in chains. The dependent economies of Central America and Mexico could not provide jobs for their own populations. For over a century, workers were allowed to cross the border without papers to fill the needs of U.S. companies for cheap labor, of U.S. agribusiness for farm labor, of the growing service sector in restaurants and hotels – and for domestic workers for the wealthy. The undocumented worker, without rights, without protection, without recourse to the courts, was a perfect worker for these needs.

The expansion of so-called “Free Trade” agreements allowed U.S. agribusiness to dump their production at costs with which domestic farmers in Mexico and Central America could not compete. With the passage of NAFTA in 1990, nearly 5 million agricultural workers and small farmers in Mexico were put out of work. This is almost the exact number that migrated and were allowed to enter the U.S. without papers during the 1990’s. The complex fiscal moves that decimated the Mexican economy, taking over banks and bringing about the devaluation of the peso, added to the crisis – and the flow of undocumented workers.

As Elvira Arellano once said, “We did not come here for the American Dream; we came here because of what the American nightmare did to our countries.”

The undocumented worker, while perfectly filling the needs of the U.S. corporate economy – and contributing at the same time to the beleaguered social security fund and other tax revenues – also had a “surge effect” on the demographic change that was sweeping the country. The impressive increase in the Latin American population had become the largest single grouping in the nation. It became a political imperative – for many Democrats as well as Republicans – to insure that the undocumented workers they had brought to the U.S. did not achieve citizenship – and the vote. While the white population had enjoyed its occasional visits to Mexican restaurants, it now felt threatened by a cultue and a language it did not understand.

The undocumented workers of the nineties did not come and return because there were no jobs to return to in their decimated economies. Increased border enforcement also made it more difficult to return and then come back to find work. They stayed, married and formed families. Five million U.S. citizen children were born of these families – and the number still increases every year. And then there were “the dreamers”, those who had come with their parents before the age of fifteen, some even as infants.

The dreamers were often indistinguishable from U.S. born young people in their mastery of the English language, their accomplishment in school and their integration into the culture. Some among the democrats believed that the dreamers could be legalized and added to their political base. At the same time this “concession” would be used to substitute for legalization of the 12 million undocumented, many of whom had U.S. citizen spouses and children. In short, the dreamers and”the dream act” would be used as a foil against comprehensive immigration reform.

The Dream Act movement came replete with a readymade mythology. “All we want is the American Dream, the chance to succeed in the land of opportunity.” Their desire to come out of the shadows became a testimony to the superiority of the U.S. system of government and its free market economy, a superiority that had been created, after all, by Europeans, by Caucasians, by WHITE people!

The Dream Act campaign also required the dreamers to denounce their own parents as “criminals” and to support their deportation. The Dreamers were being coerced into becoming the defense of the nation against the Latin American challenge to injustice and forced dependency.

Some young people went along with the campaign, dazzled by opportunities and fame. Others chose to remain in the shadows, especially those “undesirables’”, victims of the massive criminalization machine in the U.S., excluded from the limelight or the opportunities of the dream act.

That is the point at which this movie takes place. The organization Familia Latina Unidahad been organized by Elvira Arellano and Emma Lozano to defend the mixed status families, undocumented parents with U.S. citizen children or spouses. The separation of families had become the face of the undocumented, particularly during the year long sanctuary of Elvira and her U.S. citizen son Saul, which gained international coverage. Although sympathetic to the cause of the dreamers, Familia Latina Unida saw the danger the “Dream Act Substitution” held for the movement. They also saw the intense psychological terrorism with which these young people were being hit, demanding that they separate themselves from their families, from their culture and from their history.

It was then that Familia Latina Unida organized “La Fuerza Juventud” which joined the dreamers with the U.S. citizen sons and daughters of undocumented parents in the demand for legalization for all. They were one million dreamers and five million U.S. citizen sons and daughters of the undocumented: Six million strong! They shared a life in the shadows with all the everyday acts of discrimination which that included – and the fear of coming home to parents that had been disappeared from their lives.

In the face of a politically paralyzed congress, the Fuerza and Familia Latina Unida began the campaign to get the President to use his executive authority to stop the deportations. With Gutierrez as their champion they rallied and mobilized, first winning a policy of prosecutorial discretion to set aside some deportations of those with U.S. citizen children, and then, on the eve of Obama’s second Presidential election, the process known as “DACA”, through which dreamers could apply for and receive deferments and work permits.

In defiance of those who had hoped to use the dreamers as a blockade against legalization of the 12 million, the new DACA recipients continued in the struggle with the Fuerza Juventud for legalization for all. They joined in the demand for the President to extend “DACA for all”. They were joined in turn by other Latino and African American youth with whom they had grown up, bound together in one generation.

They also joined in a new demand. Elvira Arellano’s dramatic challenge to her 20 year bar from reentry at the border and her miraculous parole back into the country – because of popular support – brought to light the situation of those parents who had been deported. They became immediate targets for the criminal organizations in Mexico and Central America for extortion, kidnapping and murder since it was perceived that they had family in the U.S. who would pay for their lives. These criminal organizations, created by the massive market for illegal drugs in the U.S., the overproduction of guns by U.S. companies and the devastated economies of their countries, had turned on the deportees. To the demand on President Obama for “DACA para Todos” was added the demand for “Emergency Parole for the Separated”.

The dreamers had turned back to their families, their history – and their struggle. In a nation in which the family was falling apart, the presence of 12 million faithful people fighting to keep their families together was an offer of redemption, a challenge to the pride, arrogance and individualism that had corrupted a nation and devastated a continent.

This film depicts the new reality of a generation in struggle. They were not dreaming the American Dream anymore. Nor were they advertising themselves as victims, begging for a chance at the American dream. They were telling this nation it must take responsibility for the system of undocumented labor from which it had drawn great profits. They were wide awake and the tip of the spear of the people of Latin America in their centuries long quest for survival and self-determination, a new dream that the arc of history could be bent towards justice – if the people would struggle.

The film’s release comes as Familia Latina Unida and La fuerZa Juventud organize weekly Promise Watch protests in front of ICE. They are “building a moral mountain” on which the President must stand to keep his promise that he will use his executive authority if the Republican controlled Congress does not act by July 4th. Ironically, the offering of DACA to the dreamers is the proof that the President has the power to offer the same deferments to their parents and the parents of U.S. citizen children.

The Fuerza would also begin to launch an impressive campaign to secure health care for the undocumented who were excluded from Obamacare – but that is the subject of Sergio Perez’ next film. They would also begin to build a bridge to African American youth, the victims, along with Latino youth, of the most massive campaign of criminalization in the history of any country, the descendents of the cheap labor brought to the continent of the Americas from Africa. Together, they would represent the future transformation of the nation and perhaps the salvation of the continent. That too is the subject of a future film.

No, they are not dreaming anymore. The youth are a part of a new generation that is not the problem – they are the solution!

While many contributed to this film, the principal camera work and editing was done by Sergio Perez, a true son of the pueblo. He was at every march, every meeting and he traveled with Congressman Gutierrez to events across the country. Sergio gives special credit to his wife Miriam Perez, the first organizer of La FuerZa Juventud. Miriam herself was a dreamer, brought here by undocumented parents, deported, separated from her husband and U.S. citizen child at a young age. She worked to return legally to this country and made it through both high school and then college on a basketball scholarship. She continues to lead the organization of the Fuerza in its effort to close “the 20 year death gap” which the undocumented suffer because of lack of access to health care.

Miriam and Sergio also represent a personal victory: a unified family in the faith and in the struggle, with a son and a daughter who are a part of the solution!